Every piece of jewelry to remain bright and unchanged over time, needs special care, attention and love from you who wear it.
Here are some tips and tricks you should know when wearing your favorite jewelry.

1. Remove jewelry during work It is a good idea to avoid wearing jewelry during handicrafts. So some tasks such as house cleaning, kitchen work, gardening, could injure your jewelry, while contact with chemicals or other cleaning fluids would cause them to wear out.

2. Wear your jewelry after makeup Cosmetics, perfumes, varnishes and lotions often contain chemicals that can damage jewelry. It is advisable to wear them after applying these products in order to limit their exposure to them.

3. Do not wear jewelry in swimming pools and spas. It is a good idea to remove your jewelry before entering a pool with chlorinated water or spa, as it may react with the jewelry metal and cause discoloration or injury.

4. Do not wear jewelry when exercising To ensure the safety of your jewelry, it is best to remove it before the gym or any other sport, as they can be injured.

5. We should not apply hand creams or soap our hands while wearing rings Hand creams and soap sometimes penetrate the stones and cloud them. The damage will be permanent. It is advisable to remove your rings even when cleaning your hands with an antimicrobial hand liquid, as it can discolor the jewelry.

6. Proper storage of your jewelry It's a way to avoid any damage and a way to keep them safe and well organized. The first thing you need to do is store them in the jewelry boxes you bought or in a jewelry box. Boxes lined with fabric inside are ideal. You can alternatively use a shoe box and pieces of fabric between the items. It is wrong to put all the jewelry together in one box, because friction can be catastrophic for them.

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