Two Feelings is a new greek brand designed by Mike Veneris & Thanos Adampoulos since 2020. Mike is a graduate student in Business Management Administration at UoE and owns another Greek jewellery company since 2016. Thanos is a graduate student at Maritime Studies at University of Piraeus and a Fashion model. During global quarantine Thanos started designing handwritten quotes that led to a collaboration with Mike and started this new brand. Most of the jewels are handmade and the material is silver 925 and stainless steel silver and gold plated. The clothing line is a combination of minimal lines with unique handwritten details which gives a fresh and dynamic character to every creation. Special attention is also given in the choice of fabrics and the prints themselves are made by eco friendly materials.

Two Feelings itself is a combination of simultaneous feelings.
Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time ?
Or experienced an emotion such  as a bittersweet ?
Based on true feelings and emotions... 

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